Development of Photovoltaics progressing well

Development of Photovoltaics progressing well

In autumn 2009 the development of several locations for Photovoltaic plants along the Croatian coast and the Islands began. Especially on Islands the supply with electricity will be improved and the summer shortages can be overcome.

EU produces 22% of the energy from renewable resources, while this percentage in Croatia is as low as around 2%. The whole current capacity will be 6MW, so we will contribute to the Croatian national goal to reach 5, 8 % Energy produced from renewable sources.

Already from these numbers you can see that projects in this field are needed. Not just to meet the goals and percentages, but in this way Croatia can save his unique nature, what is important for us in this project. Besides this facts in tourism sustainable topics and ecological strategies become more and more important, so following such projects become of high importance for presenting a region and destination.

The construction of the first location, situated in Split begins in July. This project is the so called „building integrated system“, the specialists generally prefer. The production of energy takes place at the location where consumed, so long transportation lines are avoided. Although we have some green field locations we look with special attention to losses in transport, so our locations are situated near the consumers.

While applying for permits and approvals we convinced ourselves that the institutions really support the production of energy from renewables and hope that our project will be successful and realized as fast as possible. We thank everybody who helped in the project and contributed that it finally comes to life.